Photography Workshop


Topics To be covered

  • Shooting Modes (Including Full Manual Mode). 

  • Histogram. 


  • Learn about White Balance. 

  • Master Metering including EXPOSURE COMPENSATION. 

  • Learn about FOCUSSING. 

  • Understand FILE SIZE/TYPES. 

Rahul Naag is one of the most sought after photographers in Delhi specially in the field of performing arts.


A software engineer by qualification he was always pulled to his first love Photography and after serving for 5 years in IT world he finally left his job in 2014 to follow his passion, since then there has never been looking back.


Rahul started his journey in 2015 as an assistant photographer to Sandesh Jayakar in fashion industry in Mumbai for 6 months and later on got attracted to classical world and joined India Heritage Desk as a Sr. Photographer for one and a half year (until 2017 May) in Delhi, later on since then he has been freelancing with not only classical world but also fashion industry and commercial shoots.


With his creative talent he has also come across with videography (events and documentary shoots). His work has been appreciated by renowned artists not only in Delhi but across India and overseas, his work has been posted in known newspapers & magazine like The Hindu, Times of India, Hindustan Times, Chiiz Magazine and many other. Inspite of much talent Rahul still has the zeal to learn more and more.

About Rahul naag

Read more at our Media Partner: KahaJaun 

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